Amended January 2016

The name shall be “The Aurora Barnstormers R/C Flying Club”. The club will follow the “Use and License Agreement” of the Kane County Forest Preserve. The Club will work in conjunction with the Kane County Forest Preserve to provide land for the Club and the Barnstormers will provide a liable certificate from the AMA to both groups as co-insured..

Article 1

This club has been formed to strengthen and promote the art of building and operating radio control models. It is the primary objective to the club to foster interest in building and operating radio control models. All dues and money received will be used to provide and maintain meetings and flying sites and to implement the activities of the club.

Article 2
Membership fees are to be set by the club. All members, in order to operate any powered or flying models, must hold a current Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) license. Dues shall be paid by the end of the January meeting. Failure of a member to pay their dues by the end of March meeting, will be dropped from the club and will have to pay the initiation fee again. All members shall be responsible for payment of all special assessments approved by members at the meeting. Applicants for membership must be registered on the waiting list and obtain an (AMA) license. Upon review and approval of their qualifications, an applicant may fly as a guest, three times, pending qualification, providing he possesses a current (AMA) license and conforms to club field flying and safety rules.

A. Meetings: Meetings will be held on the first Thursday of the month, and shall be carried out in a business like manner. The president shall decide where the meetings will be held.

B. Conduct: Any member deliberately breaking club rules, not acting in a sportsmen like manner, or showing uncooperativeness, is liable for expulsion from the club, by unanimous decision of the membership. Such recommendation for infractions of filed rules, may be initiated by signed partition of any member.

C. Responsibilities: All members shall be responsible for personal and property damage caused by themselves, and shall assume said responsibility, before resumption of flying. The club shall subscribe, through the academy of model aeronautics (AMA), to a minimum of $1,000.000 insurance. An insurance policy naming the party holding title to our flying field as the insured party will be included yearly.

D. Youth Dues discount: The youth dues shall be ½ of the current dues of any year. Further the youth age is set at “under 18”, this will be considered youth membership eligibility . Along with the youth membership are the following stipulations; The parent or legal guardian must accompany the youth at all times while at the flying field. The parent or legal guardian is responsible for their youth member at all times. The parent or legal guardian must understand the AMA rules, the club rules and convey these to, and be sure, the youth member understands and follows the current rules at all times while the youth is at the field. The youth member must have a valid AMA card in their possession at all times while at the field. The parent or legal guardian shall be issued a gate key and must be in control of that key. The youth member has no voting rights but is encouraged to attend meetings with their parent or legal guardian. Last, we encourage the parent or legal guardian also join the AMA. 18 and older is considered adult membership.

E. Prorated Membership: Prorated membership for joining late in any year. Prorated membership applies to new memberships only, new members joining from January 1st thru June 30th shall pay full dues for the year they are joining. For members joining between July 1st and September 30 shall pay 1/2 the current due rate for the current year. Further new members joining from October 1st thru December 31st shall be considered paid for the year they join and the next year.

Article 3
Operating Procedures:

A. Additions or revisions of the by-laws are subject to ¾ approval of the board of directors prior to being submitted to the membership vote at the next regular meeting. Any additions or revisions to the bi-laws, shall be voted upon by ¾ of the members present at a generally scheduled monthly meeting.
B. Any member may, by petition, bring any matter before the board of directors for discussion.
C. Club operating expenses will be paid from the treasury or by special assessment funds voted the general membership.

Article 4

The officers of the club shall consist of president, a vice president, a secretary, and a treasurer.
President: He/she shall conduct themselves in a reasonable parliamentary manner. It shall be his responsibility to check all financial and other records to assure that the records are proper. The president is authorized to appoint personnel to special tasks and committees, such as field manager, newsletter editor, refreshments, entertainment, etc.
Vice President: He/she shall assume the duties of the president in his absence. He/she shall guide and assist in all club activities and report to the president and the club members.
Secretary: He/she shall record the minutes of the club meeting and submit them to the membership for approval at subsequent meetings. He/she shall be the custodian of the club records.
Treasurer: He/she shall collect the monies and keep a record of same. He/she shall collect and keep receipts of expenses. He/she shall report at each meeting on all monies received and spent. He/she shall maintain a bank checking account in the clubs name, and arrange for transfer of same to succeeding treasurer.
Officer Qualifications and Election Procedures: All officers shall be members of this club. Officers shall be selected at the November meeting and shall be installed at the December meeting. Officers shall serve for one year. An officer may serve more then one year consecutively in office. Candidates for officers must be member for at least one year prior to taking office. The nominees shall be then voted upon by secret ballot by the membership present at the November meeting. The President will announce the newly elected officers of the membership.

Article 5
Field Rules

All 2 stroke engines from .09 & larger are required to have mufflers & also meet AMA noise dB specifications, 90 dB at 9 feet.
All 4 stroke engines must meet AMA noise dB specifications, 90 dB at 9 feet.
No flying south of the pits unless you are landing or taking off only.
No more then five aircraft in the air at one time.
No taxiing in the pits.
Flying times:

  • Monday-Friday 9:30 AM to Sunset
  • Saturday 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM,
  • Sunday 12:00 PM to 5:30 PM
  • Electric aircraft can start 1 hour earlier except Sunday